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Trademark Misperceptions Revealed By Reaction to Redskins Decision

Posted in Branding, Disparagement, Licensing, Trademark

  I can’t define disparagement, but I know it when I see it… On Wednesday, June 18, 2014 the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board, the judicial body that provides review to all Federal trademark filings and disputes relating to such filings, released its second decision to CANCEL the trademark registrations owned by Pro-Football, Inc. and used… Continue Reading

Branding, Politics, Monetization and Presidential Consents. Some Musings…

Posted in Branding, Marketing, Trademark

As the political season in the U.S. heats up and the campaigns continue to hone their messages, the branding of the campaigns and the candidates becomes more visible to a larger portion of the U.S. electorate. Political campaigns are entertaining and instructive fodder for thinking about the power of branding since, after all, they are… Continue Reading